Prep / Remodel Information

If you have removed tile or any other material from the wall and there is caulk, glue or dirt you are responsible for cleaning it before we arrive to install. The walls must be flat and secure. We cannot install over damaged / cracking wallboard.

There may be shade variations between the samples and the finished product.

If you have a preference, please mark the walls where you want the shelves installed.

Large panels may need to be split if there are space limitations. The installer will determine whether or not a seam is required. We install the panels to ensure that the caulk seams are minimal. Large panels or countertops installed between walls may cause minor wall damage. This is most often limited to some scraping of the paint. We are not responsible for paint touch-ups.

Screws may be required on ceilings that are more than 4 feet wide/long.

If using the old drain please make sure that the bolts are intact by unbolting the drain. The bolts need to be removed in order to install the new shower pan. Old bolts often break during removal.

Drains are required to be in place prior to the installation date. They must be level and secured to the sub floor. A 3 part drain is required for a marble floor.

Mold and mildew always need to be cleaned.

No work other than installation of the pan liner and marble are included in the price. Only work secifically identified in the bid will be performed.

The installer will broom sweep and remove any debris from the job site.


Buying Tips

Regardless of whom you choose to install your cultured marble please protect yourself by following these general tips.

  1. Get referrals : We can provide referrals on request. Referrals are the key to our success. We want to make sure you have a great experience so the referrals continue. We value every sale regardless of dollar amount. Small jobs sometimes turn out to be much more because of a referral.
  2. Get bids : Our prices are competitive. We continue to look for new developments and different ways to manufacture our products, keep up with latest trends, and education. Bids should be obtained using identical information. We will match any legitimate bid.
  3. Check licensing and insurance : We are always current on licensing and insurance. You can't have a valid contract with an unlicensed company. Search here. Sometimes the licensee is under the owners name.
  4. Rely on written information : Let us know if you need information. We wilI do our best to clearly state the terms of our agreement.
  5. Don't pay for a job upfront. We collect 50% prior to production and the balance on completion.
  6. If using a general contractor make sure that subcontractors are paid. Non-payment to subcontractors could result in alien on your property.