Here at CMS, we provide custom, hard surface, marble material to enhance all wet areas of any bathroom.  The material is poured with precision by our experienced team of fabricators.  We stand behind our thorough team of installers who work hard to provide a 5 star, finished product that you will enjoy for many years.  We work with our customers to meet their design needs as well as any specific scheduling needs they may have for installation.  We put great focus on providing shorter lead times so our customers can avoid being without a working bathroom area for longer periods of time.

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Cultrured Marble Colors

At CMS, we offer an assortment of color options for any marble or veining texture or pattern to fit your design needs.

Cultured Marble Finishes

The art of making cultured marble is in the way it is finished. Not only can we make your panels look like marble, we specialize in granite, empress, realistic, and wood grain finishes. Each finish requires a different technique to produce. Learn more about finishes here.

Installation Process

We stand behind our installers who provide beautiful workmanship when creating your dream bathroom space.  In order for them to complete their work, the area needs to meet certain requirements for them to operate.  With the right prep work, cultured marble surrounds can last for many years.  Learn more about job site requirements here.

Will Call & DIY Orders

Some customers choose to provide us with measurements and pick up their panels of marble for any DIY project or installation. Although we don’t recommend the product be installed by just anyone, we understand the need to purchase the product for will call purposes. Learn more about pick up orders here.


It’s in the name!! Cultured Marble Specialists. We have a team of experienced fabricators and installers who Specialize in the production and application of custom cultured marble. We also believe in our creative genius. We aim to be able to create and adapt to the customer’s vision.

We stop at nothing to control the Quality of our product. We stand behind our warranty (make the word warranty a hot link that takes the customer right to the warranty page) as well as our employees and the work they do. We will leave customers satisfied and referring our work to others.

In any business, the pleasant interaction and communication between business to business or business to consumer plays a vital part in the outcome of the overall experience. CMS will always aim for Friendly communication when measuring, communicating, bidding, resolving issues, ordering materials and installing the product in your home or business. Being locally owned and operated, we thrive on referrals and word of mouth to ensure consistent business and ratings.

It seems the one thing everyone wishes they had more of is time! Choosing CMS will be a Prompt experience. We realize that being without the important commodity of a bathroom for extended periods of time can be a hassle. With a focused effort on , CMS will do their best to manage a team that allows for shorter lead times for a faster “production to install” experience.

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