Why Choose Cultured Marble?

Cultured Marble Vs. Tile

The traditional method for installing tiled showers is time and labor intensive, creating a water in/water out. Contrary to popular belief tile is not waterproof. Moisture will infiltrate the mortar bed and solid backing on the walls. The moisture must percolate through the mortar bed to the sloped pan liner and through the weep holes in the drain. With regular use of the shower, the mortar bed can remain saturated. This increases the potential for mold.

David Gobis, a tile independent technical consultant, inspected no less than 3, 000 showers in a 12 month period that had water damage. The places where the damage was found ranged from homes of disabled retired couples to buildings of multi billion dollar developers. Gobis estimates millions of dollar in replacement and repair of tile work in water damaged structures. Cultured marble offers a long term solution. Cultured marble is designed specifically for the bathroom industry and is a time tested and proven product. It is impervious to mold, mildew, bacteria, and water. It can fashioned into tub and shower walls, tub decks, skirts, shower floors, shelves, countertops, splashes, sills, and more.

We have a short turn-around time. Cultured marble is an affordable product and installs quickly, typically less than one day. We can accomplish fast and easy tub to shower conversions. Most often installations take less than 1 day. Call Tye at 801-644-3654 for a free in-home consultation. We will find a convenient time to take all the necessary measurements and to show you samples.

Cultured Marble Vs. Pre-Fabricated Fiberglass and/or Plastic

You are restricted by a limited number of configurations. There are limited prefabricated products that are as durable as cultured marble. They scratch easily, stain, and are difficult to clean. Our gel coat provides a finish that resists water and staining. Our products eliminate hours of cleaning and maintenance of other types of material. We offer a 3 year warranty.

We are locally owned and operated. We make all our material so you don't have to pay any shipping costs.


You don't have to sacrifice anything you want to get what you need. Our cultured products have the elegant look of stone, granite or marble without fussy maintenance and care. Our products are custom made so we can accommodate your needs. We have done hundreds of tub to shower conversions. Don't pay a premium price for prefabricated products when you can get custom material for less than half the cost. Call us for a free estimate.